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My first Google Play game!















“Don’t get Cut!” Is my first game that I focused on for a full month, and submitted to the google play store, It was inspired by newground’s “Touch” contest and built in construct 2.

I had alotta fun developing this game, and it feels like my fullest game yet, (except maybe RGB?)

I used an experimental workflow schedule that worked very well for me that I definately plan on using again.

Week 1: Design.

Mostly I used this week to sketch out alotta different level / game mechanics on paper, and got used to construct 2.

Week 2:Develop.

I refined my game mechanics, and restructured the level sequence, fine tuned the scoring systems, and had a rought draft of the UI established.

Week 3:Polish.

I focused on learning alot of new things with gimp, and tryed my best to make the graphics look “decent nuff” (some might say I failed in this aspect lol) refined the UI, and got everything ready to a point where I could submit a full game.

Week 4:Distribute

Tackled the process of the google play store signing, and submission, researched and learned of several other prominent android market places, and web distribution channels.


It was a great ride, and though I haven’t sold a million copies or anything the process has been very educational, and though sometimes very frustrating, the rewards have been well worth it! Looking forward to refining this process through more iterations, and I hope my experiences can be useful to someone.

Thanks for takin the time to read my experiences, and If you have a sec, feel free to try out my game below!


You can play the Webversion on newgrounds,

Here: ( Play Newgrounds version )

You can download from google play for free to play on Android

Here: ( Download via Google Play )

Or, if you can spare a buck to support a starving indie, you can buy it for a buck on Slide.Me for Android

Here: ( Purchase via )

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“Chaotika” was a game I made in less than a week for gamejolt’s “Chaos” contest.

my goal with this game was to create a feeling of chaos, without a obviously chaotic theme.

In alotta ways I succeded, also I suck at art.

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“Looking Back”




“Looking back” was a text game I made in qbasic 15 years after discovering some old qbasic games I made as a teenager.

originally i had planned on entering this into ludumdare’s “hindsight” mini LD but i had problems with compiling it, and didn’t make the deadline, you can play it by clicking the above image.

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Chickens! (That Lay eggs!)

Chickens! (That Lay eggs!)

Tonight added some chickens that sometimes lay eggs!
(small music change, let me know how it sounds)

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#Onegameamonth Day 6: Suuugar!



Click above image to play!


Added a bit of stuff today, new house,new guy, new quest,new dialogue,

fade in/fade out on death, watch out for dem snakes!


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#OneGameaMonth Day 5: Throwin rocks at snakes!


Click Above Image to play!

Added another quest! and also new mechanic, there are rocks on the ground that you can pick up and throw at and kill snakes which drop skins you can loot,

also changed the dialog of the villagers up a bit, and trimmed the collision boxes, so everything slides a little smoother,
Tired and getting delirious, have a good night!

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#onegameamonth: Day 4…

was a busy night, and didn’t really get a chance to work on my game much today


But I DID make a new header for this page! ^^

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Onegameamonth Day 3: The Hunt for Mushrooms

Onegameamonth Day 3: The Hunt for Mushrooms


Click Image above to play!


So, another day, some more game play! funny, i spent most of the evenin trying to figure out a bug, that was driving me crazy, and once I figured out the overly simple solution everything else flowed pretty smoothly, How it goes i guess, enjoy the quest! more to come tomorrow…


Arrow keys: Move.


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#Onegameamonth Day 2:

#Onegameamonth Day 2:



Click above image to play!


Somethin Interestin, i learned making this little village, Rather than make four different rooms for the houses, i decided i’d be lazy and make one house layout, then depending on which “door” object the player collides with it spawns a different npc in the room, and upon exit, sets a variable to decide which area to exit into when back into the village, Good Stuff!

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